Want to learn billions of dollars of business growth ideas---in ONLY FOUR DAYS?
May 9-12, 2022 • 8AM - 11AM PST
Spend 4 Days Watching Famed Business Strategic Legends, Jay Abraham And Tony Robbins Challenge Over 50 Separate Entrepreneurs To Challenge Themselves And Their Businesses To Multiply Their Sales And Profit Performance WITHOUT Increasing Expenses Or Risks!

Plus guest perspective from  Shark Tank’s Daymond John
Please Note: Jay Abraham is sponsoring this broadcast and will appear LIVE to recap and discuss the drivers behind the makeovers you watched. Tony will not be there in person.
  May 9-12, 2022  8AM - 11AM PST
What The Other Legends Of Business Are Saying


Star of ABC’s “Shark Tank”, Founder & CEO, FUBU

At this point in my life, I probably wouldn't be here without my mentor, Jay Abraham... Life is a series of mentors and Jay Abraham is absolutely the best in that area.


 Author, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, ClickFunnels

I first started studying Jay Abraham almost 20 years ago.. I learned a lot of things from him.  He doesn't just look at one business, he looks at all of the other industries he's worked in to see what he could bring to that business.  Learning how to think more strategically and look at things a different way is something I definitely got from Jay Abraham.


Founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Known As The “Father of Biohacking”

His view on marketing is unlike any other human being on earth I've come across. His mind is able to see the situation, turn it on its side, look at it from a different angle, and see TEN TIMES more opportunity than you'd ever think of. I would not be serving the world like I am today without Jay Abraham.


The Nations #1 Life and Business Strategist

For four in a half decades Jay’s been the GO-TO guy to optimize your business… I'm privileged enough now to have over 100 companies. We had over $8 billion in business and I'm in everything from AI to sports teams to my education businesses — and Jay’s the guy I’ve gone to for almost 35 years when I want to create a breakthrough
Model For Millions. Borrow From Billions. No Where Else Is This Much “Monster-Successful” Business Profit Expertise Concentrated Into Such A Powerhouse Experience

10 Hours of Ultra High-End Master Mind Compilation-- FOR A MERE $97?!?
Two Forces Of Nature Combined In Four “World-View” Flipping Days!
You’ll be watching the world’s #1 combination life coach and business strategist Tony Robbins collaborate with famed business growth Super-Consultant, Jay Abraham as they combine forces to perform awe-inspiring marketing makeovers, strategy restructurings, business model remodeling and opportunity-mining for entrepreneurs who’ve gathered from a wide spectrum of diverse business types, sizes, and scopes from across the world.

LOCK IN AN OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL 2022 with Two Legendary Business Icon’s 4 Day Ultimate Entrepreneur Profit Explosion Challenge — Attendees Paid An Ultra High End Fee Each To Originally Participate. You get to experience a special rebroadcast for just $97

As part of this special pre-recorded no-nonsense, non-theoretical, ultra fast-paced (and totally scenario and case study focusedanthology, Jay will be joining LIVE to review each distinct driver behind the makeovers you just watched. 

PLUS! Jay will add his most current breakthrough thinking and strategies he successfully used last year to produce record setting successes for HIS private clients.

First let’s clear something up.

This is NOT about being “locked up”. 

It's about making sure you have A LOCK on a far greater performing 2022 than 2021.

This is about you having A LOCK on getting your ads paying off more

Having A LOCK on getting more buyers.

Having A LOCK on multiplying your success in every facet.

In Lock In Your 2022 you’ll see real world examples of exactly and precisely how you're going to do it



Learn to mine over a dozen hidden profit opportunities and income sources your business misses out on today.



Learn how to multiply responses, convert higher percentages, increase the size of each sale, extend the number of purchases every buyer ever makes.



Learn how to partner, structure strategic alliances, get other companies endorsing/selling for you. Master performance based advertising – where you only pay the media for results and much more!



Master preemptive marketing, preeminent positioning. Learn how to get influencers, icons, authors, and people your market trusts ALL telling their audience YOUR company, product, or service is the only choice to make.



Lock in your 2022 with 2 of the most legendary wizards ever in the business world. Jay Abraham and Tony Robbins will spend over 10 action packed hours with you to get you going and growing, performing at a heightened level and get you more masterful using your marketing genius for 2022. Plus, learn how to create your own no-cost mastermind group, boards of advisors, and get experts advising you purely on performance.



Most people never hit their goals because they don't have goals, they have abstract dreams. During this transformational 4 day event Jay and Tony will help you see clearly what your goal is and where you are now in relation to your goal. But more importantly, you’re going to learn how to reverse engineer them, actions to make, steps to take, specific shortcuts to really achieve and exceed them that nobody else would even know to do – saving you years and enormous reduction of stress AND guaranteeing a far higher probability of achieving and exceeding them!



Perhaps for the first time in your business life you’ll be able to see how to find hidden income sources, overlooked profit opportunities and underperforming revenue activities your business has been sitting on for years and more importantly, how to mine, monetize, maximize and perpetuate recurring new income streams for life!
Once A Year, Jay And Tony Unite To Perform A Solid Day Of Marketing Makeovers, Strategy Restructuring, Business Model Remodeling, Profit Exploding Clinics
These sessions are pure magic because they take participating “already successful” entrepreneurs to entirely new levels of highly specific thinking, action and profit – possibilities. 

This higher plane of business building comprehension will now be yours as well — without spending six figures, if you join in to watch this 4 day private pre-recorded anthology.
Be A Fly On The Wall And Have An Upfront Seat In The Most Uncategorizable, Fascinating, Stimulating, And Rewarding Expert Knowledge-Transfer That May Ever Been Engineered?

  • You’ll watch over 50 distinct solutions for business owner after business owner be thrust upward into a far higher standard of performance capability, achievement and profit improvement from almost every imaginable type, size, scope of business.
  • ​You’ll have your own limiting beliefs totally reshaped as Jay and Tony reshape those of each person they do business makeovers on. 
  • ​You’ll see how to successfully and meaningfully deal with whatever challenges, obstacles, setbacks, opportunities or unexpected surprises this “new frontier” business world has created! 
  • ​You’ll gain more certainty and decisiveness – and above all, more marketing mastery, strategic sophistication, competitive superiority.
  • ​You’ll get answers, methodologies, and see first hand demonstration upon demonstration of how to apply all you observe. 
These are anything but abstract. These are not just situation specific. They explain exactly how a given concept or strategy adapts or adopts to your business, too.

Jay expects every entrepreneur who experiences this amazing day of makeovers and breakthrough strategic content will become a truly different business person, a far more powerful and effective innovator, marketer, strategist, value creator, leader and competitor. 
If You've Never Experienced A Hot Seat With Tony Robbins or Jay, 
It's Like Mount Vesuvius Exploding! 
And instead of red hot lava, you’ll get an overflow of red hot ideas, strategies, sales, marketing, and methods proven to explode YOUR profits. 

Profound, enormous and immediate change should start flowing from the very first hot seat makeover you watch in the very first 15 minutes alone. From there the breakthroughs just keep coming faster and more furious!

They are quite remarkable to behold, as you will see first hand when you become a fly-on-the-wall – on May 9th.

Nobody else has ever done anything remotely like this before. The explosive mind-shifts the dynamic of Tony and Jay playing constant mental pitch-and-catch is unlike anything else you’ll ever encounter.

No person watching this can leave that day anything but utterly, unimaginably and totally transformed into an ultra high performance thinker, doer, achiever, innovator and optimizer of any business they own or run.


Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. For more than 4 decades, more than 50 million people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and transformational power of his business and personal development events.

He’s the nation’s #1 life and business strategist.


Jay has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the fields of preeminence, exponential business growth, performance enhancement, risk reduction, and the maximizing and multiplying of business performance assets.

Forbes Magazine called him “The Real Thing” and listed Jay as one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches in the country (“Jay’s specialty is turning corporate under performers into marketing and sales whizzes”).


Daymond John has come a long way from turning a $40 budget into FUBU, a $6 billion fashion game-changer.

Throughout his career, Daymond has continued to be an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He is not only a pioneer in the fashion industry but a Shark on the 4-time Emmy Award winning Shark Tank, a New York Times best-selling author, branding guru, and highly sought-after motivational speaker.
See Why So Many Business Icons Turn To These MAMMOTH MINDS To Help Them Explode THEIR Profit Performance.
They know how to engineer breakthroughs no one else does:
  • Marketing Breakthroughs
  • ​Strategy Breakthroughs
  • ​Mental Model Breakthroughs
  • ​Aspiration Breakthroughs
  • ​Glass-Ceiling Breakthroughs
  • ​Optimization Breakthroughs
  • ​Innovation Breakthroughs
This is truly a distinctive opportunity to learn how to master a staggering array of powerhouse business growth strategies that no one else could teach you. 

Plus — everyone you’ll be watching paid an ultra high end price each in order to be able to pose these questions to Jay and Tony. And every one of them was ALREADY successful! They just wanted to be outrageously MORE successful. 

You’ll watch one already successful entrepreneur after another pose their biggest growth challenge, their biggest competitive problem, their biggest profit multiplying issue, their biggest competitive question or untapped opportunity. Then almost instantly, before your eyes, you’ll see Jay and Tony go back and forth slicing through every seeming impediment, powering past the constraints that held that business back and untangling gordian knots that were keeping these entrepreneurs stuck, stalled, or performing sub-optimally!

You get to be an extremely well rewarded fly-on-the-wall for a mere $97 as part of a daring and some would say audacious experiment Jay Abraham is personally conducting via video!

What The Other Legends Of Business Say About Jay…


World-Class Speaker, Author, & Leader

"Jay Abraham has perhaps the finest marketing mind in America today. I have studied, taught and practiced sales and marketing for more than 25 years, working with hundreds of corporations. I can quite comfortably say that Jay’s innovative and dynamic approaches to increasing sales, cutting costs and boosting profits are the most simple, powerful and practical I have ever seen. His advice is so immediately helpful and obviously worth thousands of dollars that a person would be a fool not to take it, try it out and see if it works. I am applying his ideas to every facet of multi-national business with amazing results!”


1.7+ Billion Social Media Views & One Of The World’s Foremost Experts In Marketing, Sales, and Business

“[Jay] is a man that I've been studying for over 14 years… If you’ve been studying marketing, Jay would be no stranger to you. He is truly a legend. Pretty much anyone in marketing you see, you talk to them for any length of time, they will tell you they've studied Jay's work one way or the other.”


Founder of the 10X Movement, Bestselling Author, Real Estate Mogul

“This man’s a genius… Probably responsible for the development of more entrepreneurs than any other living person on this planet.”


It's Like Getting A Multi-Million Dollar World Class Dual Mentorship Compressed Into FOUR DayS For Only $97!
Over The Course Of This 4 Day Ultra High-End Mastermind Encounter You Will See First Hand Real World Examples Of How Other People And YOU Can Start To:
  • Position your business, product, service to become preeminent, preemptive, gain maximum competitive marketing and strategic advantage.
  • Learn to reach more quality prospects, convert higher numbers, get more people buying, get them buying more each time they purchase, buying longer for far greater LTV. 
  • ​Make every ad you run and pay for generate 50-500% greater results.
  • Learn to structure multiple strategic alliances, JV’s, endorsements, co-branding, and referral deals with dozens or hundreds of qualified partners
  • ​Monetize sunk-costs, heretofore unsold prospects, inactive past buyers, low-or-non yielding distribution channels.
  • Identify your businesses’ overlooked assets, untapped income sources, underperforming revenue activities, under monetizing resources and relationships, and learn to convert them into windfall, newfound profits you can then turn into ongoing revenue streams.
  • ​Gain access to the equivalent of an Unlimited Business Checkbook.
  • Master the mind of your market so that YOU ALONE will resonate well above the maddening crowd of competitors in their mind.
  • ​Make your social digital media marketing many times more powerful and effective.
  • Make every salesperson, distributor, franchisee you have at least 25-300% more productive for you and them.
  • ​Acquire a constant never ending supply of new products and services to sell to your audience without investing in R&D, development, inventory, whatsoever.
  • Expand and explode your creativity, innovative breakthrough thinking capability.
  • ​Expand the levels and facets of thinking you possess.
  • Apply your intelligence, logic, core knowledge in far more profitable ways.
  • ​Learn to master funnel vision instead of living in the world of tunnel vision.
  • Eliminate as many of the nine sticking points that are constraining your growth, profitability, and successful performance.
  • ​Multiply your understanding, ability, and grasp the keys of exponential business building by orders of magnitude.
  • See possibilities, opportunities, profit sources, none of your competitors even grasp.
  • ​Evolve your entrepreneurial abilities by leaps and bounds.
  • Learn to think, act, and transact business like a marketing genius.
Because he knows you need it. You can’t afford six-figures, and he wants to invest in you today and for the future because he thinks you’re worth it. 
What People Said Who Got A Sneak Preview…
We let a few colleagues sneak preview the videos and they said watching finally taught them WHAT to do, HOW to do it and HOW EXACTLY TO APPLY IT in their own business, how to apply it in their own situation, in their own lives, with their own teams, in their own market, with their own advertising, with their own selling approaches, with their own untapped opportunities!

We’re Certain You’ll Experience That Same Feeling, Too, By The End Of The Viewing On May 12th.

No where else we’ve ever seen are two business growth legends able to immerse you into a permanent transformed state of being and doing — merely by watching them do it for others! 

You really CAN’T comprehend the sheer magnitude this experience will produce until you watch the makeovers happen for yourself.

We can only touch upon a small part of the dynamic you are being invited to watch. But hopefully this gives you a stimulating idea of what’s in store. 

Think of two world class, mammoth minds coming together to deliver all their different methods, strategies, secrets and guidance interconnected and produced through over 50 separate fast-paced, scenario-specific, non-theoretical makeovers… that you get to privately watch, in their entirety!
You’ll learn how to develop that steel-trap strategic mindset that both Jay and Tony are renowned for possessing. 
You'll Learn How To Out-Think, Out-Market, Out-Strategize, Out-Advertise, Out-Compete, Out-Position, Out-Perform AND OUT-EARN ALL Of Your Competition
You’ll understand blockbuster business-building principles through the clear-cut explanations, illustrations and observed interventions.

By allowing yourself to continuously reflect, and mentally adapt and adopt your business situation with the ones Jay and Tony are working with in these videos — YOU WILL absolutely see many (if not ALL) of YOUR business problems solved and resolved, too. 

You’ll identify issues you're not even thinking could be opportunities! Areas you're not seeing that could deliver increased results! Areas you're not even making the money connection on!

At least that’s our hope — and expectation for inviting you as you watch them solve seemingly unsolvable problems, resolve complex challenges, and cut-through (what looked like) Gordian knots, Rubik’s cubes, and a Sudoku puzzle combined.

It’s powerful stuff — and each intervention/makeover is different, unique, fascinatingly complex. You have to experience it personally to appreciate the enormity of its true worth. You’ll be in truly exclusive company when you're immersed in these 4 days of mind-blowing makeovers.

Again, Tony won't be here live but Jay will join LIVE to review key distinctions and applications for you and your business from this  recorded broadcast

Plus as we mentioned above, Jay WILL be sharing new implications and applications he’s developed and refined in the last year alone!

“[Jay] is the top marketing mind on the whole planet… I’ve studied his stuff. I've read all his books. If Jay and I are ever in a room together, I'm always pointing over at him… Jay is not only the smartest living or dead marketer that's ever been, but he really is a brilliant entrepreneur and strategist. I've learned so much from him.”
~ Eben Pagan, American Entrepreneur, Sold Over $100 Million in Information Products
“[Jay] really needs no introduction. I can't tell you how much of his content I've watched and how much of his words and his wisdom have impacted my multiple companies. They know him as a $21.7 billion man. And I'm actually surprised because I feel like he's probably the thousand billion dollar man! He's been in over 1,000 industries. Well over 10,000 clients that he's instrumentally helped move their business.” 
~ Anik Singal, Founder & CEO of Lurn, Sold Over $300 Million Worth of Products Online
“If you haven’t heard of Jay Abraham, you probably haven’t been in this business for long. Jay’s had an amazing impact on me and my life and the way we run Mindvalley. Some of his ideas are so simple, but when you understand them and apply them to your business, you’ll see just massive gains.” 
~ Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley
“Jay Abraham is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I’ve ever known.”
~ Stephen R. Covey, Legendary Business Guru,
Author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
“Jay Abraham is one of the most brilliant marketing and business minds on the planet” 
~ Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network,
One Of The Most Connected Businessmen On The Planet

To get you started even before the LIVE event Jay has included this 2 Volume Set


This book is for you if you fall into one of these categories:
• You either own or run a business
• You work for a company that you want to stay with, but one that you also want to make a lot of money from
• You want to make a-lot of money as a middleman (or middlewoman)
• You want to acquire or become part owner of a profitable business of your own
• You want to set up multiple on-going recurring income streams that work 24/7 for you, so you can finally stop worrying about your finances and stop working so hard for others. 

Jay demystifies the business building and marketing mindset and teaches you how to fall in love with your customers again through the power of preeminence. You'll learn to optimize your business by developing unique selling propositions, increasing the lifetime value of a client, how to find and know your target market, how to stay in front of your competition and make the very best offer possible. You'll learn these strategies and SO MUCH MORE.

This 285 page STRATEGY GUIDE is Jay's DEFINITIVE INDEX of how to get capital, investors, partners, joint venturers, and/or co-branded partners. THIS IS YOUR FUNDRAISING PLAYBOOK

It contains instruction, role play, probability and outcome scenarios, and proactive responses with 40 case study examples — analyzed from both the investor and borrower/equity seller’s dual points of view.

Plus, a deep dive segment focused on what to do if you can’t get capital — contingent strategies like joint venturing, performance marketing, using OPR’s (other people’s resources). Unimaginably clear-cut, step-by-step instruction.

This 27 volume mastery course features MP3 Recordings of Jay Abraham's 4 Day Live Seminar Event "Jay Abraham's Business Braintrust" recorded live in California.

This collection features 1-2 hour keynote addresses covering a myriad of business growth topics designed to deliver an explosion of breakthrough thinking and profit growth from some of the biggest names in business growth and marketing including:
Seth Godin – author of “Permission Marketing”, “Small is the New Big” and “Meatball Sundae.”

Stephen M.R. Covey – author of “Leading at the Speed of Trust.”

Chet Holmes – author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” who’ll be introducing a sneak preview, look at his newest, not-yet-published book.

Fran Tarkenton – NFL Hall of Fame athlete, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Larry Genkin – the publisher of “Blogger and Podcaster Magazine.”

Michael Levin – one of the non-fiction world’s top ghostwriters.

Scott DeGarmo – for nearly 16 years, the Publisher AND Editor-in-Chief of “Success Magazine.”

Rieva Lesonsky – for over 10 years, the Editor- in-Chief of “Entrepreneur Magazine.”

Steve Dworman – nationally famed infomercial producer with four successful infomercials on the air right now.

Andy Miller – probably the most effective expert on “consultative selling” out there.

Donald Moine – one of the only people in the nation with a PhD in sales scripting. 

Mark Victor Hansen – co-author of the monstrously successful “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series
Marshall Thurber – the only man in the world who can claim the distinction of being the top protege of both W. Edwards Deming (father of optimization) and Buckminster Fuller (father of innovative non-linear thinking).

Robert Chesney – video and digital marketing expert/advisor to over 1,000 of the nation’s top speakers, authors and consultants.

Stephen Pierce – Arguably, THE finest online marketing mind…and Possibility Expert you’ll ever meet. He talks a mile a minute, but every word is worth pouncing on — using and doing now!

Spike Humer – probably the finest business performance enhancement specialist I’ve ever met and an utter master at finding the underperforming leveraging spots that is keeping your business from soaring. He’s also our top consultant…and our master trainer on strategic alliances, host beneficiary and endorsement deals.

Joel Robert – A dear friend and one of the worlds leading experts at getting the press to love interviewing you and publishing lavish articles on you, your product or service.

Brian Kurtz – Another great friend. He was named Direct Marketing Man of the Year in 2007 and is the Head of the fastest growing publishing giant of its kind – The Boardroom. He’s probably the finest multi-discipline expert on copy writing, direct mail, email marketing, infomercial marketing and continuity marketing. This man rocks!

And, of course, Jay Abraham AND his bonus module on "CRACKING THE MILLIONAIRE CODE"

We 100% guarantee that you’ll love Lock In 2022 – so much that if within the first three hours you don't get at least 3 ideas your business can directly apply, you can drop off anytime and we'll give you back your $97 and let you KEEP the 2-Volume Library & “Business Builders Braintrust”  we gifted you just for having blind faith in us.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email us or call the number on your receipt within the first three hours of the experience and we’ll give you back your money with no questions asked. But trust us, there is no way you’ll want to leave as long as you have your sound on.


“In just 12 hours I was able to learn from more business cases than in my entire 4 year business school, for only $97… and at the same time pick up the brain of one of the best marketing strategists in the world!”
~ Lock In Alumni

“Honestly the most valuable time spent after 30 years in a small business. Thank you so very much for your time!”
~ Lock In Alumni

“So many takeaways! I AM grateful to be able to watch ALL of this as replays!!! <3 -- I am an Artist and see how I MUST change and do things BETTER!!!”
~ Lock In Alumni

“A-Frikking-Mazing!!! An AMAZING 12 hours!! Thanks”
~ Lock In Alumni

“I have written 27 pages of notes... this has been one of the most incredible days with so much content... 3 ways to grow, referral systems, mindset changes, owner vs operator, don't sell to yourself -- why should I do business with you, find the best and most experience for your team and make them an incredible offer, scripts for sales people and monitor measure, how are you going to contribute to your market, diversify to grow, identify 3 top target markets you want to work in, what are your clients top 3 human needs and go deliver it to them, AI technology coming in the future, 10x10x10, people don't buy features they buy benefits, knowing your numbers is critical, train train train, and then reward or punish, and sooooo much more!!!!”
~ Lock In Alumni

“This day has been profound and energizing. The best part was to be able to study strategic Q&A as it was being applied in a LIVE setting.”
~ Lock In Alumni

As both Tony and Jay say throughout this 4 day-long business growth encounter, The quality of your business life comes down to your ability to make bigger/better/more impactful things constantly happen!