Become a Master of Your Own Universe with
Masters of Passive Income Training

How can I say no, Jay?  Sign me up immediately to learn how to make mounds of money --- and never work again.

I want to be powerfully mentored by you --- via this wildly energetic home study.  During that time I’ll be put through probably the most comprehensive 13 part mentoring process ever devised to teach me the power to massively and passively profit--- using your two billion dollar method, and mindset.

Specifically, I’ll learn all the ways you know to gain access, control, ownership of rights, royalties, licenses, assets, intellectual property, marketing, distribution channels, expertise, relationships, brands, endorsements and much, much more.

I’ll learn how to do it myself and how to get others to do everything for me through your Tom Sawyer School Of Mastery approach.  Each month you’ll personally work with our group to develop our passive income generating machine.

You’ll also teach us how to use your methods to accelerate and vastly increase my successes from any other income opportunity I pursue.

I understand I get to experience my first full month of mentoring at absolutely no risk on my part because you are making the first payment and you’re not considering my participation binding until after that trial month is over.

As part of the home study, I receive all of these resources as my support study materials:

1.)    Private members only Masters of Passive Income Facebook group
2.)    Strategy of Preeminence – Accelerated Course
3.)    Venture Marketing: Mindset and Strategy
4.)    502 Incredible Case Studies – you can use immediately
5.)    Sample forms, scripts, letters, ads, approaches to model
6.)    Mastering Barter
7.)    Turning Your Life Into A Paying Proposition
8.)    Master Arbitrage and Make the Money Connection
9.)    Identifying Your Own “Dream 100” Deal Ideas
10.)    Extensive Resource Vault

Because you want my participation to be richly rewarding, you’re letting me decide what is a fair value to pay as an irresistible investment to at least try out. 

As an added bonus if I decide I want Mr. X as bonus all that is asked is I cover the original cost of the book which originally sold for $377. That means I am getting everything included in the Masters of Passive Income home study as a gift from you!