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Why YOU need to try out this passive income generating mentoring program for at least 30 days – totally at my risk…not yours. (If you don’t find this helpful or of value I will give you your money back. No Questions)

No matter who you are; business owner, professional, investor, employee, homemaker, student, retiree, out of work---it doesn’t matter!
No matter what your education, experience, or age, it doesn’t matter, either.
I’ve got over 150 proven ways for you to rapidly, easily, and safely build yourself, your business, or your family members massive, passive income sources you can use to either…
…supplement your current income (and raise your standard of living), replace your current income (so you can spend quality time doing what you really want), create a solid financial nest egg (and all the cash flow sources forever for you and your family’s secure future) or—you can really get motivated, and use my mentoring training to build yourself true wealth.
Let me prove to you it’s really possible (and easy to do) by enrolling in my self-study mentoring program version for 30 days—at no risk- -whatsoever to try it out. If it’s NOT everything we described and promised in my presentation -- you can quit at the end of the month and you’ll get every dollar you paid immediately returned to you.
If it’s everything I’ve indicated—and more—keep the program and let Rich Schefren and me mentor you (in the simulation process the self-study version uses) for the next twelve months to get you the passive income prosperity you desire AND DESERVE.

What You Can Expect To Learn , Master And Achieve Through
This Self Study Mentoring Program

It’s designed to not merely teach you to “do it”, but to actually guide, direct, instruct, and mentor you—UNTIL you create the actual passive income streams you’re after. Here’s how we’ll do it together…

First: You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire and assessment that helps you know how to best prosper from your specific situation the most. You’ll receive it within the first week of signing up; so you can start identifying all the easiest opportunities available to go after.

Second: We’ll systematically teach you how to command maximum respect, lead anyone to the outcome you’re after, and how to get almost anybody to do a passive income deal with you or your designate. Part of this instructional module will be teaching you how to leverage off the efforts, ideas, actions, and resources of other people.

Third: We’ll teach you 50 ways to engineer joint ventures; strategic alliances… to gain control of assets, rights, distribution, resources, etc.

Fourth: We’ll teach you 120 different ways to use other people’s resources—everything from plugging into their sales team…to using their idle staff to leveraging their markets and products… and so much more.

Fifth: We’ll teach you no-cash ways to put yourself permanently in the middle of over 50 different ways to provide businesses with the cash equivalent of the capital they need by turning yourself into a mini-“barter baron”.

Sixth: We’ll teach you 32 different ways that you (or anyone else you enlist, recruit, or associate with) can use to create permanent turn-key, passive profit centers you can add to any of 500 types of existing businesses.

Seventh: We’ll teach you how to create proven, no cost passive income streams online—and it’s NOT the typical approach all the internet marketing gurus tell you to do.

Eighth: We’ll transform your mind into a formidable leader, dealmaker, negotiator, motivator, and master of passive income generation.

Ninth: We’ll teach you huge little-known “niches” you can focus on for rich veins of windfall passive income and--potentially, substantial wealth.

Tenth: We’ll turn you into a creative idea-producing money-making, passive income machine—by turning on, then up the creative switch in your brain.

Eleventh: Once your mind is fully in gear, we’ll create—together a turn-key, step-by-step customized game plan for you to follow, complete with timelines, implementation actions to do, and expected results you’ll produce.

Twelfth: We’ll show you how to set higher financial expectations for yourself or your business—then achieve and exceed them… All through the joy of passive income streams and profit centers.

Thirteenth: You’ll get an ever-expanding resource forum with specialized training reports and instruction to refine and improve any performance area you ever want (or need) to work on, including:
  • Selling skills
  • Getting passion for what you do
  • Finding your highest and best use
  • Self-confidence
  • Strategic thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Managing your time
  • Setting and achieving lofty goals
Fourteenth: By walking you through real life case studies you can model, then by working through 502 different ways you can do this instantly--you can’t help but find dozens of immediate ways to set up instant income streams that can work 24 hours a day making money—passively for you.

Mining Gushers Of Revenue
What it will be like to be mentored through realistic simulation in this self study version by me and Rich Schefren:

No one else in the world (that I know of), possesses the extensive, documented experiences and multitude of actual success stories necessary to truly mentor you to prosperity through passive income generation.
Not one word we’ll share in the instruction you’ll receive is theoretical. Every monthly mentoring session you’ll be listening to (and learning to prosper from) takes an important element of your training curriculum--and examines, examples, evaluates, how it might best work for YOUR specific situation…or YOUR individual business…or YOUR own family member you have doing it for you.
You’ll receive specific, progressive instruction, money-making exercises, and powerful study assignments you’ll work on (and through) in each monthly mentoring session.
You’ll hear hundreds of past live attendees pose questions, discuss issues, present challenges, and launch multiple passive income opportunities. You’ll see how Rich and I actually worked with them and their group --- collaboratively and continuously --- through all the key elements and scenarios—until each participant was ready…and actually out there, doing their own successful passive income transactions.
By experiencing and encountering virtually every possible scenario, situation and issue each of our live participants faced, you’ll be able to formulate your own personalized prosperity game plan very quickly.

What—specifically, do the thirteen months of recorded mentoring calls cover?

Great question! We’ve designed and engineered the program for maximum accelerated results and success.

Mentoring Session 1 – Two Full Hours On Mindset, Motivation and Gaining Maximum Momentum
Becoming a visionary
Leading others to make your visions happen
Becoming preeminent
Believing your vision
Becoming passionate about what you’re doing
Opportunistic vs. strategic opportunities
Advantage of Control vs. Ownership
The Strategy of Preeminence – Lending/commanding total respect and trust

Mentoring Session 2 - Two Full Hours On Using Your Existing Skills
Skill Set Inventory/Audit
Using your existing skills
Using your existing contacts/relationships/audit inventory

Mentoring Session 3 - Two Full Hours On Types Of Income Streams To Pursue
Acquiring rights
Acquiring licenses
Recovery activities, opportunities, areas to focus on first
Difference between getting access or assets

Mentoring Session 4 – Two Full Hours On Getting Everyone Else To Do It All For You
Understanding and mastering the keys to the Tom Sawyer School of Business
Rich examples, case studies, role playing and first hand scenarios to evaluate

Mentoring Session 5 – Two Full Hours On Choosing Your Best Suited Income Opportunities To Pursue
Doing it with none of your own capital
Doing it with no time
Doing it with little time
Doing it with some time
Doing it as the “toll position”

Mentoring Session 6 - Two Full Hours On The Ins And Outs Of Venture Marketing
The ins and outs of venture marketing [review venture marketing]
The keys to setting up barter profit centers or just doing barter deals [link to Barter Baron]
The many ways to attract partners who’ll do all the heavy lifting and/or provide all the financial requirements you need
32 options explained and explored. Pros and cons.
How to get started this month without spending a dime

Mentoring Session 7 - Two Full Hours On Nine Keys To Bringing Other People In
Highly motivated on their own
Higher return/payoff than they’d normally expect
Take away the risk
Give them control
Provide a vision far more exciting and enriching than they have for themselves
Demonstrate the certainty to give them to make that vision happen
Creativity-expanding your ability to see possibilities
Mastering arbitrage
Making the money connection – seeing implications, correlations, connections no one else sees, then gaining functional control

Mentoring Session 8 - Two Full Hours On Wild Card Strategies For Hitting Grand Slam Home Runs
Role playing – scenarios
How to become a passive venture capitalist using no money, whatsoever
How to buy businesses with no money, then flip them for huge lump sum profits
How to become a passive venture capitalist using no money, whatsoever

Mentoring Session 9 - Two Full Hours On Your Flight Path – Getting From Where YOU Are Now To Mounds of Passive Money Coming In.

Customize Your Own Optimal Revenue Model, Strategy And Action Plan
Checklist of items to focus on
How to instantly monetize/profit from the 502 case studies
Anatomy of generating income streams for life

Mentoring Session 10 - Two Full Hours On Becoming A Highly Paid Idea Man/Woman
The keys to the passive income kingdom: Detailed look at the steps to take and order to follow
The anatomy of 50 successful “passive income streams”

Mentoring Session 11 - Two Full Hours On Under-valued/Overlooked Alternative Forms Of Passive Income
Stocks, Surcharge, Profit Shares
Dividends, Shipping and Handling, Options
Honoraries, Earnings, Gains
Commissions, Transaction Fees, Processes
Royalties, Limited Partnerships, Rent
Credits, Phantom Stocks, Leases

Mentoring Session 12 - Two Full Hours On How To Use This “Maximizer Power” To Multiply Your Success --- And Reduce The Downside On Any Other Passive Income Opportunity You Pursue
Detailed lessons on using safe tests, eliminating the downside

Mentoring Session 13 - Two Full Hours On You Are Richer Than You Think – Presenting Each Other Long-Term Passive Income Plans

The keys to the passive income kingdom

Each session will draw together everything you’ve learned from that month’s study assignments and training materials. It will present numerous real-world examples of how these lessons actually worked. We will open up the call to any questions, issues or scenarios you and the other participants want to pose. It’s totally interactive. It translates theory into reality, reality into passive income generating money in your bank.

How can I best use this mentoring program?

Say you own a business…
We’ll teach you how to get other people to send business to you continuously. We’ll teach you how to penetrate new markets automatically. We’ll teach you how to add lucrative profit centers to what you’re already doing without having to do it yourself. We’ll teach you how to take your products and services to numerous virgin markets you’ve never even thought about reaching. And so much more.
Working for someone else…
You can introduce over 25 new profit centers to your employer without them having to put up a dime and install yourself into a permanent toll position that pays you monthly forever---even if you leave their employ.
Need additional income…
You can set up a few simple passive income profit centers working on them a few hours at night or weekends or on your holiday and create a substantial supplemental income source to pay for lifestyle, vacations, retirement, children’s education or any other significant expense pay for.
Do it part-time...
Working just weekends evenings or a few days a month you should realistically engineer six to a dozen solid passive income profit centers every six months.
This is where the concept of mounds-of-money comes from. Every additional profit center you add builds your passive income pyramid. After a year or two you’ve either built multiple streams and sources of passive income working 24/7 for you.
A t this point you have a choice to make. Stop there and enjoy a lucrative supplemental income. Continue adding passive profit centers every year and start doing it fulltime. Bring on associates “minority partners” and investors and shoot-for- the-moon build yourself a virtual passive income. The options are infinite; the choice is totally yours.
Put someone else in business:
You have an array of choices here. You can have a family member do it with you keeping the major share of the profits. You can recruit associates, sales people, deal makers, facilitators, and minor partners and create as large and vast a passive income empire as your imagination and motivation can envision.

The most frequently asked questions:

Question: How do I know this is right for me?
Answer: No worries. Try this self-study program out for thirty days at my risk entirely. If it doesn’t’ excite you, if you don’ think you can do it, or if it’s not what you think, merely quit and I’ll return all your money.
Question: How can I know if this is right for my business or my employer’s business?
Answer: You don’t. But there is only one way to find out. Try it! Since the upside potential is so great, and the downside to you is zero—what in the world do you possibly have to lose by giving it a 30 day try out? Frankly, I believe you’ll actually find out that its value is dramatically greater than I am even suggesting. But you need to discover that for yourself by taking advantage of this unique Name Your Own Price Offer with my “test drive” guarantee. (No questions asked I’ll give you your money back if you quit in the first 30 days)

Question: How do I know this can really produce enough income for me to quit my current job and that I can really do what you are suggesting?
Answer: It’ll become crystal clear to you the moment you see the quality of resources on our member vault the first time you watch and read the course on becoming preeminent, and watch me teach you how to crack the millionaire code. And once again if I fail to deliver on your expectations within thirty days, I’m the loser and not you.
Question: I’m not good at sales, managing, negotiating, or talking with people. How do I make this work?
Answer: The moment you learn the Tom Sawyer school of business strategy, you’ll be able to get all kinds of other people who ARE great at selling, negotiating, managing and working with other people to do it all for you but (and here’s the great part) you’ll be the one keeping the majority of the profit while THEY do all the real work for you.

What You Should Do --- Right Now…

By now, it should be clearly evident that my Master of Passive Income self study mentoring program is something you must, at least, try out for the next 30 days.
If you enroll, I can promise you that your life, business, and finances will be totally transformed (for the better) over the 13 months or less we’ll spend together. I look forward to helping you create gushers of passive income.

Jay L. Abraham

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