Learn Mind of the Market Copywriting Tapping Into Your Audiences Subconscious

Small Moves: Subconscious Copywriting will show you to build an integrated revenue system using combinations of headlines, descriptions, and keywords scraped and adapted to your product or business that resonate more deeply with your target audience with less effort than you exert today.

  • The difference between a great copywriter and a bad copywriter
  • The difference between a great sales man or woman and a bad one
  • The difference between a great set of emails and a bad one
  • The difference between a great landing page and a bad one
  • The difference between a great order page and a bad one
  • The difference between a great sales script and a bad one

These Are Just Some of the Differences between Mediocrity and Millions

We are playing a game together called business, called marketing, called positioning, called advertising, called selling, for which the stakes are enormous...

The ability to transcend whatever level you're at right now rapidly, safely and immediately are equally as profound because it costs the same in terms of access to the market, time, salaries, advertising expense

The aspects of the game are known as opportunity cost, effort to utter either in words or written or audio, a message that has a meager impact versus a message that has a major impact...a message that has an outrageous impact...a message that has a fleeting impact...a message that has a sustaining impact.
  • 3 Hours of  instruction with proven strategies to grow your business and personal wealth.
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You're playing a very high leverage game that you probably have never realized, and the default focus that most people look is writing ads, writing landing pages, writing emails, video sales letters.

But the majority of people who are charged with the responsibility of your fate and destiny are either freelancers who really don't understand the mind of the market: the hopes, the dreams, the concerns, the fears, the motives and motivations of your market--they tend to default towards a pretty predictable generic copy, meaning hyperbole, bullets, phraseologies,That costs you in opportunity, diminished response, and lower yield on your investment.

Jay will teach you that your goal for yourself for any copywriter, for any salesperson, sales manager, online digital marketing firm that you ever use is to understand your market at a level, depth, height, breadth and context that is above anyone else.
“Sometimes the best copy to sell a horse is ‘Horse for sale’"
-Jay Abraham
In this 3-Hour business mastery event, Jay Abraham, marketing legend & business building grandmaster will show you how to apply his secret kaleidoscope technique to  create better communications, in an extraordinary way, where you are able to express to your viewer, your reader, your listener, that you understand them better than your competition...

Positioning you as their advocate not just a purchase decision.

Jay has literally helped businesses of ALL types and ALL levels of maturity (or just beginning) -- grow more successfully and more profitably ALL around the world over his career -- and, knows how to do it with little-or-no investment or risk!

In short, if you are willing to open your mind and challenge conventional thinking, Jay will show you the key on how to explode your business, safer, faster with far less time, effort, investment or resource requirements, and that's really what small moves | MIND OF THE MARKET Copywriting is all about. 
Jay Abraham has been strategic adviser to respected entrepreneurs, icons, influential people and famous companies like Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Icy Hot, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, Bulletproof Coffee, Planet Fitness, Germany’s top content management company, Ramit Sethi, the world’s top expert in Six Sigma, 300+ best-selling business authors and thousands of leading-edge businesses.
  • Learn what to do if you need to find a new job amidst the 17 million other unemployed.
  • ​See strategies for using your skill sets to provide fractional work free-lance to multiple employers
  • ​Learn how to get your start-up restarted
  • ​Find ways to get your stuck, stalled or suffocating business going and growing again
  • ​Learn what to do if your business is running out of cash
  • ​See where massive opportunity exists within adversity
  • ​Find out how to acquire weaker competitor and complimentary businesses using no investment or risk
  • ​Identify best businesses to start using no investment or risk
  • ​See how to engineer lucrative joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnering deals—using other people’s resources/relationships—to profit for your own company or do it for others
  • ​Master Bartering so you can…./to give you...
  • ​Buy and sell rights, licenses IP so you can…./to give you...
  • ​Leverage the sleeping million+ sales force no one is using
  • ​and much more...
Forbes called Jay “the REAL THING”,
and listed him as one of the top executive coaches in the U.S. Jay’s specialty is “turning corporate under performers into marketing and sales whizzes”.
Success Magazine wrote:
“Jay Abraham… possibly the greatest marketing expert
alive today … a man who can turn you from a marketing
greenhorn into a marketing green beret!”
Daymond John
Founder and CEO, FUBU
"Jay is my mentor. I repeat what he says so that I make myself sound smarter."
Michael Basch
An original founder of Federal Express
“I’ve met only two marketing geniuses in my life. The first was Vince Fagan, the man who came up with ‘When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight FedEx.’

The second is Jay Abraham. Jay teaches you more workable, tangible, profitable techniques and strategies than you can probably apply in three lifetimes. But what he teaches you about mindset is his true gift of wealth.”
Ramit Sethi
New York Times Best-Selling author, Forbes Top 20 "Wealth Wizards" 2013
Jay took my business model, totally deconstructed it, and helped me re-engineer it from the ground up. This resulted in me doubling my business in one year!